In Regards to In-Store Game Demos

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There are few things in life that confound me as much as the ordeal you’re put through in order to play a demo in a store.

In theory, this should be an easy task.
You should be able to stroll in, pick up a controller, and demo a game. That sounds reasonable enough, right? So why is that every retailer has decided to make it a painful and uncomfortable experience for anyone who enters their store?

If you’ve been to a WalMart, Target, or Best Buy, then you probably know what I’m talking about. Sure, the actual process of being able to demo a game is simple. Assuming nobody else is at the kiosk, you just pick up the controller and select the game you want to try. However, the experience is almost never a pleasant one, and I’ll tell you why. Continue reading


Ramblings on Used Games and Supporting Developers

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I know, the discussion on buying used games isĀ an old and exhausted one.
It would seem that every games blogger worth their weight in gold coins has covered it, so why should I even bother? Perhaps it’s an odd “badge of honor” type deal, or simply something I just haven’t written about personally, but I think it has more to do with the place I’ve found myself in during the last few years. Continue reading