E3 Reveal: A Way Out

Undoubtedly the most original game shown at EA’s conference, A Way Out is a split-screen co-op game by the makers of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. A Way Out tells the story of two prison inmates, Leo and Vincent, and how they must work together in order to escape. Relying heavily on co-operation, you and a friend will lead Leo and Vincent across a journey that not only takes them through prison, but outside and beyond it. The game boasts multiple ways to complete objectives, which adds replayability, but also challenges players to think carefully about how to solve tasks.

The real interesting thing about A Way Out is that there is no single-player option.
You can only play the game via split-screen co-op, so you’ll need to sit down on the couch with a friend, or play with one online. Many people (myself included) have been asking for more co-operative split-screen games this generation, and A Way Out looks like it’ll scratch that itch. Although plot details are a little scarce at the moment, I’m highly anticipating this game and I can’t wait to check it out when it launches early next year.

– Zack Burrows