A King’s Tale: Final Fantasy XV (Review)

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E3 Reveal: Madden NFL 18 – Longshot

At EA’s annual E3 press conference earlier this afternoon, the brand new single-player story for Madden NFL 18 was revealed. Titled “Longshot” it tells the story of a young man named Devin Wade and his journey into the world of professional football. A cinematic story isn’t something you normally think of when you hear the word “Madden”, so it should be interesting to see how it plays out. With talent like Mahershala Ali, Scott Porter, and Dan Marino lending their likenesses to the game, Madden NFL 18 is shaping up to be an interesting new direction for the franchise. In fact, Andrew Wilson (CEO of EA) declared that it’s “the most innovative Madden we’ve done in over a decade”.

If you want to see just how far that innovation has gone, you can play the game when it releases on August 25th, 2017.

– Zack Burrows

E3 2017: EA Press Conference

It’s the best time of year.
The time where developers and publishers come together to show off their upcoming projects and make the types of announcement that (for better or worse) light the internet on fire. EA kicked off the E3 festivities early this year by putting on their annual press conference this afternoon. While the largest focus was on the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II, there were a handful of announcements and trailers revealed that some could argue were more interesting.

The press conference can be watched uncut and in its entirety above, but make to sure to check back on the site later for individual breakdowns of each game.

– Zack Burrows

Star Wars Battlefront II: A Worthy Successor?

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When EA Dice released a reboot to the popular Star Wars: Battlefront series in late 2015, critical and fan reception was mixed. On one hand, it perfectly captured the feel of the large scale battles from the classic films. Explosions, blaster shots, lightsabers, and several fan favorite vehicles found their way into the game. Unfortunately, it was also panned for its lack of a single-player campaign, a small selection of maps, and even fewer modes. While more maps and modes were added in via DLC, those looking for a solid campaign (like in the original games over a decade ago) were still left unsatisfied. Continue reading

A Lesser Known History Lesson

This post was originally written for the weekly Community Writing Challenge on GameInformer.com

The Community Writing Challenge for this week is centered around history in video games. For my contribution, I want to discuss Valiant Hearts: The Great War, a game that goes above and beyond the competition. Where most war games focus on tense shootouts and rewarding players for headshots and high kill counts, Valiant Hearts breaks the mold to actually discuss the historical aspects of war and focus on the individual lives affected by it. Continue reading

Batman: The Telltale Series (Review)

Developer: Telltale Games
Publisher: Telltale Games
Reviewed On: PlayStation 4
Release Date: August 2, 2016 – December 13, 2016
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In Telltale’s attempt to adapt every conceivable license to their particular brand of “choose your own adventure” video games, they decided to try their hand at crafting a story about everyone’s favorite caped crusader, Batman. As a fan of both Telltale Games and Batman, this project was pretty much a dream come true. So, as I’ve done with almost every Telltale release, I waited until all of the episodes were finished before sitting down and marathoning the series in its entirety over the course of a weekend. Now, after finishing all five episodes, I have a lot to say about the Dark Knight’s most recent outing. Continue reading