E3 2018 Recap: Square Enix Press Conference

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Square Enix didn’t do a traditional press conference this year, opting to go for something a little smaller and more in line with a Nintendo Direct. That’s not a bad thing though, since it allowed them to focus on their games and quickly go from one to another. The transition between games included artistic animations/drawings and really made the conference flow at a perfect pace. So, let’s take a look at what they had to show! Continue reading


E3 2018 Recap: Bethesda Press Conference

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I thought Bethesda had one of the better conferences of last year, revealing a handful of new games and releasing them just a few months later. This naturally made me more excited for their show this year. Although some of their surprises were leaked early (thanks a lot, Walmart of Canada) they didn’t let it hold them down and instead joked about it both online and during their press conference. Thankfully, Bethesda still had a few more surprises up their sleeves and delivered one of the better conferences of the year. Continue reading

E3 2018 Recap: EA Press Conference

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Another year, another E3. It’s a magical time of year where developers, publishers, and awkward celebrities take to the stage to present world premiere footage and in-depth looks at all the hottest upcoming video games. Electronic Arts kicked off the festivities this year, but with the Star Wars: Battlefront II debacle of last fall giving them an endless amount of negative backlash, were they able to finally win back their fans? Continue reading

My Thoughts on the E3 2017 Bethesda Press Conference

Bethesda decided to take a different approach to E3 this year by setting up their own amusement park right outside of the convention. The aptly named “Bethesdaland” featured rides, food, and drinks themed after several of Bethesda’s video games. Taking things further, their stage presentation included Bethesdaland as a way to deliver their games. Using a cartoon of the amusement park map, Bethesdaland had different sections squared off to individual games. It was a weird decision that came off as an odd contrast to the gory violence of their games, but I think that was intentional.  Continue reading

My Thoughts on the E3 2017 Microsoft Press Conference

Microsoft put on their annual E3 press conference this past Sunday, which just so happened to be one of the most anticipated conferences of the show. With a brand new lineup of games, as well as the official reveal of the newest piece of Xbox hardware, expectations were high and wild. Thankfully, Microsoft delivered. Continue reading

E3 Reveal: Anthem

Anthem, the new game from EA’s BioWare studio, debuted with a trailer that tells us almost nothing about it. We saw a giant wall, a giant creature, and some suits of armor. The game looks great as far as visuals are concerned, but the absolute lack of any concrete information made this reveal fall flat. There’s a bigger look at the game during Microsoft’s press conference later today, so hopefully we’ll walk away having a better idea of what exactly Anthem is.

– Zack Burrows