Star Wars: Battlefront II Multiplayer Reveal

For the final reveal of EA’s press conference, we got our first look at the multiplayer for Star Wars: Battlefront II. After the overwhelmingly negative response to the lack of content in 2015’s reboot of the Battlefront series, developer Dice promised that feedback was heard loud and clear and corrections would be made for the sequel. We’ve already seen the first trailer for the heavily anticipated single-player campaign (which was the biggest omission from the previous game), so EA used their conference to dive deep into the multiplayer.

The trailer features gameplay snippets from an assault on the planet of Naboo, showing the city of Theed caught in an intense fight for control. The last Battlefront game only represented one era of the Star Wars lore, but the sequel aims to use factions, locations, and heroes from all eras of the film series. In this trailer, we see the Republic clone troopers go head to head with the CIS droids. Lasers fly all over the battlefield, rockets cause immense explosions, and a certain double-sided lightsaber wielder even makes a brief appearance. While there are still scenes that have obviously been edited, or consist of cut-scene footage, the majority of the trailer is gameplay.

Star Wars: Battlefront II looks to have learned a lot of lessons from its predecessor, resulting in a game that looks dynamic and fun to play. There’s also a slight tease near the end that shows another quick look at the single-player campaign. Making things even better, it was announced that all post-release content for the game will be made available for free. The hefty price of DLC on the last game fragmented the community, so it seems that developers are doing everything to make sure we all stay together this time around. Although I still have some questions (where’s the Galactic Conquest mode?), I’m looking forward to getting my hands on Star Wars: Battlefront II when it releases this November.

– Zack Burrows


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