E3 Reveal: Need for Speed – Payback

In one of the cooler reveals at EA’s conference, Need for Speed: Payback gave us a glimpse of a high-speed┬áheist. The trailer shows two car thieves stealing a luxury sports car on a dusty desert highway, complete with death and destruction. Cars weave through traffic to avoid their demise, enemy vehicles break apart and spark when hit, and there’s even a tease of a potential showdown with a police helicopter. There’s a cool air to this game that makes it look like it’ll be a blast to play, but I do have a concern.

It appears as if control of your vehicle is taken away from you regularly. When you destroy a car by smashing into it, the camera lingers on your target as it goes flying off the road and turns into a cloud of sparks and metal. Likewise, the demo shows a handful of scenes where the camera completely changes angles and looks like a cut-scene for a few quick moments. While this may make the game look more stylized and cinematic, I can see it quickly becoming a thing that breaks the immersion while playing.

Need for Speed: Rivals is set to release on November 10th, 2017.

– Zack Burrows


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