E3 Reveal: FIFA 18

There’s always an inevitable point in every EA conference solely dedicated to showing off the new tech in upcoming sports games. This year, a lot time and attention was spent on FIFA 18.

However, before diving deep into FIFA, we got a look at how EA is trying to legitimize competitive sports gaming into a worldwide phenomenon. We saw footage from championship matches for FIFA and Madden, were introduced to some of the players, and got a look at the emotional highs and lows of professional gaming. In order to make this a bigger deal, EA announced that they are doubling down in competitions and will be launching the biggest FIFA championship ever later this fall.

The first trailer we saw for FIFA 18 showed off the advancements in motion capture and character fluidity. The animation of players running on the field looks incredible, with several subtle changes in individual movements adding a deeper sense of realism. This was followed by Michael Davies and Roger Bennett of Men in Blazers taking to the stage to further break down the game and tell some jokes in the process.

We were then presented with a trailer for FIFA 18’s story mode, which is a direct sequel to the story told in FIFA 17. The fictional Alex Hunter returns for a second season, but this time he’s being transferred to a new team. With the exception of the final moments of the trailer, it’s shot in live action. These segments come off goofy and overplayed, but the in-game cut-scenes shown near the end of the trailer appear significantly more serious.

If you’re a fan of FIFA and looking forward to this next installment, you can get your hands on it when it releases later this fall on September 29th.

– Zack Burrows


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