E3 Reveal: New Content for Battlefield 1

If you’re a part of the Battlefield community and find yourself wishing for more maps, modes, and weapons, then get ready. Over the next couple of months, there’s a slew of new content coming to Battlefield 1.

June – Nivelle Night Map

July – Prise de Tahur Map

These two maps will depict a dark night time setting where you must venture into a “massive network of trenches.”¬†While these two night maps are sure to create some hectic encounters, there’s one more DLC pack coming that has Battlefield fans truly excited.

September – In the Name of the Tsar

This is where the bulk of the future content will come from.
In the Name of the Tsar transports players to the Eastern Front of World War 1. Including six new maps, the Russian army, new vehicles and weapons, and the “iconic” Women’s Battalion of Death, In the Name of the Tsar adds a significant amount of new content for players to dive in to. Along with the previously mentioned additions, this pack will also introduce new progression modes that allow you to tailor your playstyle with specializations. There was also news on changes to competitive play to Battlefield 1, but no further information was given.

Whether you’re a current or returning player, or considering trying out the game for the first time, Battlefield 1 is about to become a larger, more diverse, and more engaging experience that shouldn’t be missed.

– Zack Burrows


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