Red Dead Redemption 2 – Reveal Trailer


Rockstar teased a new Red Dead game earlier this week via a few images on Twitter, culminating in the announcement that Red Dead Redemption 2 was indeed real and releasing in the Fall of 2017. Along with the announcement that the first trailer would be released this morning, the internet went crazy.

Well, the trailer finally dropped, and while it’s definitely stunning, it gives almost no information on the game. Fans seem to be split on how they’re reacting to the trailer, with some loving that it keeps the game a mystery and others outraging that it’s too short and lacking any information.

As a huge fan of the first Red Dead Redemption, I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see more. I’m sure we’ll see another trailer in the coming months, but I felt like the hype Rockstar built over this week just deflated fast.

You can watch the trailer below and then feel free to leave a comment telling me your thoughts on it.

– Zack Burrows


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