Introducing the Nintendo Switch!


After announcing yesterday that the first look of the new Nintendo system would take place this morning, we finally know what Nintendo has in store for us. The rumors of a console/handheld hybrid have turned out to be accurate and the end result looks surprisingly excellent.

The Switch can be docked to your television to play games on the bigger screen, but it can also be taken off of the dock to work as a fully functional handheld. There’s a plethora of controller options/configurations available for the Switch and with further information being unavailable at the moment, there seems to (understandably) be a lot of people slightly confused on the subject.

The ability to take your games with you wherever you go is excellent. Unlike the Wii U, the Switch doesn’t require you to be within a certain wireless range to play on the go. The handheld portion of the Switch IS the console too, meaning you can just pop in your games and take them with you anywhere.

The Switch is dropping traditional disc support in favor of cartridges, but with modern cartridge technology now being able to sustain 30-40+ GB’s of information, there’s nothing to worry about. There was also a handful of new games shown, such as a new 3D Mario title, Mario Kart, and a Splatoon game.

Another surprise came in the form of the Switch being shown playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It looks like Nintendo is teaming up with some big third-party names to bring a great line of games to their new system.


With partners like Bethesda, From Software, Square Enix, and many, many more, it looks like we’re finally getting a Nintendo system with excellent third party support. However, as awesome as it may be to see more developers supporting Nintendo again, I’m more interested to see how first-party software will be released in the future.

With the Switch being both a home console and a handheld system, I wouldn’t be surprised if they drop support of the 3DS and just release one version of their games for the switch. As Anthony Carboni said on Twitter this morning:

“My fav thing about the Switch is it could mean no more fragmentation between home/portable lineups: one Animal Crossing/Zelda for both, etc.”


“Why isn’t Link Between Worlds a Wii U game? Why don’t they make a mobile Splatoon?” No more worrying about that.

One thing is for sure, it’s going to be interesting to see how Nintendo decides to release their games over the next year or so.

The Nintendo Switch is scheduled to release in March 2017. The exact release date and price point have yet to be revealed.

Could this be the system that finally turns things around for Nintendo? Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.

– Zack Burrows


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