PlayStation Plus: The Controversy

PlayStation Plus has been the target of heated debate over the last week or two, but does it truly deserve it? For those who aren’t familiar with the $50 service, it’s required for multiplayer gaming on the PlayStation 4, gives access to the Instant Game Collection, and offers discounts in the PlayStation Store.

While its requirement for online gaming is understandably looked down on by PlayStation users (especially since online multiplayer was free on the PS3), it’s a pretty phenomenal service when you break down what it offers. For starters, the Instant Game Collection gives subscribers six games a month (two for PS3, two for PS4, two for Vita). As we’ll get into a just a moment, this part of the service has slowly been becoming one of the hugest complaints. As for the discounts, I actually haven’t heard anybody complain about them. They’re rarely anything more drastic than a couple dollars off, but it still helps you get games for lower prices, so it’s still a great deal.

However, Sony made an announcement this month that has made a ton of subscribers lose their minds. They’re raising the price from $50 to $60. Subscribers have taken to social media condemning Sony for this decision, threatened that they’ll end their subscriptions, and given a few reasons why. My goal for this post is to counter their claims, so let’s get started.

1.) Online Gaming

Alright, I can actually see where people are coming from on this one.
Subscribers feel like they shouldn’t have to pay for online play, considering they spent $400 on the console, pay internet fees, and spend $60 on a new game, just to find out they have to spend more money to play it online with their friends. It’s also worth noting that PlayStation users didn’t have to pay for online multiplayer on the PS3, so they feel cheated out by having to pay for it on the new system. There’s also the statement made that the PSN isn’t as stable as Xbox Live (which is obvious due to the amount of times it has been hacked and brought down). As someone who isn’t huge into online multiplayer, I personally haven’t had many bad experiences in this regard, but I can understand people feeling upset over spending money for a service that doesn’t work well. Hopefully the slightly raised price of the service will bring in a little more money for Sony to put some extra work and security into the PSN.

2.) The Instant Game Collection

This one is the oddest complaint to me.
Assuming you have all three systems (PS3, PS4, and Vita), you’re getting six games every month. This equates to 72 games a year, which is an insane deal at $50. However, there’s a large amount of subscribers who aren’t satisfied with the picks for each month. During the PS3 years of PlayStation Plus, they were including huge AAA games like BioShock: Infinite, Uncharted 3, and Borderlands 2. Now, we’re primarily getting smaller indie games. Personally, I don’t have a problem with this. It introduced me to several smaller games I probably wouldn’t have tried out otherwise. The problem with this is that people are demanding newer games, including stuff that came out this year. There’s a sense of entitlement I’m getting from these players who think they deserve the biggest, newest games as part of their subscription, and view anything indie as “trash” without giving it a shot.

3.) The Price

I’m going to be very blunt about this one.
If an additional $10 a year (which brings this service up to the price of a new game) is too much for you, then maybe you should find a new hobby. If you honestly can’t afford it, that’s fine, but don’t complain on the internet and blame Sony. Being able to afford video games and video game services isn’t a right.


People are crazy.
For the price of one game, you’re getting 72 video games, a bunch of discounts, and the ability to play your games online. That’s an incredible deal. While I can understand the frustration of the service being required for online play, the Instant Game Collection itself is well worth the price of admission. Also, let’s not forget the discounts the service gives you. For $60 a year, PlayStation Plus is practically a steal.

– Zack Burrows 


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