Agent Dash (Review)

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I wish I could say that I played this game on a dare, but I have a dirty little secret…
I actually greatly enjoy endless runners. There’s something about falling into the rhythm of jumping, sliding, and switching lanes that becomes mesmerizing. The endless runner genre is practically exclusive to mobile devices, rarely offers anything fresh gameplay wise, and yet I seem to enjoy almost every single one that I try.

Sure, I hardly ever stay with one for more than a week or two, but the games are never complex enough to require extensive time getting used to them. If you’ve played one endless runner, you’ve essentially played them all. You collect some kind of currency, find a way over, under, or around obstacles, and (occasionally) destroy enemies in the process. With a genre as full of clones as this, it feels weird to have a morbid fascination with it. There’s very little originality in the endless runner genre, but when the gameplay is the epitome of “easy to learn, hard to master”, it can still manage to be quite addicting.

In developer Full Fat’s “Agent Dash”, you play as a sharp dressed agent (bet you didn’t see that coming!) tasked with collecting gems and destroying evil bases. I hope you aren’t looking for anything deeper from a narrative perspective, because that’s it. As you run through the game, gems lay on the ground and in the air just waiting for you to pick them up. Gems act as currency and allow you to purchase new characters, or upgrade items that have a random chance of appearing during your run. With items like a score multiplier, jetpack, and the ability to activate slow-motion, there’s a few options to shake up the core gameplay.

It also has a very vibrant color palette, which makes the game great to look at it.
Likewise, the soundtrack to Agent Run is pretty great too. I mean, there’s really only one track, but it feels like something right out of a classic spy film.

Unfortunately, there is a huge problem with ads.
After every other run or so, you’re forced to sit through a 30-second ad for another random game off the AppStore. This completely throws off your groove and makes playing the game more of a chore than anything else.


I mean, what can I really say about Agent Dash?
It’s a fun little game that (for the most part) serves as a fun timewaster. The art is vibrant, the gameplay is solid, but it doesn’t offer much outside of that. It’s free to download, so feel free to give it a shot, but you’re by no means missing out on anything if you decide to pass on it.

– Zack Burrows


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