Kona (Review)

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Set in the fictitious area of Manastan in Northern Canada, Kona tells the strange and unsettling tale of private investigator Carl Faubert. Continue reading


E3 2018 Recap: Square Enix Press Conference

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Square Enix didn’t do a traditional press conference this year, opting to go for something a little smaller and more in line with a Nintendo Direct. That’s not a bad thing though, since it allowed them to focus on their games and quickly go from one to another. The transition between games included artistic animations/drawings and really made the conference flow at a perfect pace. So, let’s take a look at what they had to show! Continue reading

E3 2018 Recap: Bethesda Press Conference

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I thought Bethesda had one of the better conferences of last year, revealing a handful of new games and releasing them just a few months later. This naturally made me more excited for their show this year. Although some of their surprises were leaked early (thanks a lot, Walmart of Canada) they didn’t let it hold them down and instead joked about it both online and during their press conference. Thankfully, Bethesda still had a few more surprises up their sleeves and delivered one of the better conferences of the year. Continue reading